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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Little Info

I have been having trouble getting motivated to post on the blog lately. I don't know why, and I will try to get more frequent at it.
Life has been kind of slow and routine around here lately. I have been collecting this years fire wood and getting ready to cut down next years trees.
It has been very muddy as the frost is just a couple of inches below the surface. The water can't soak in as the snow melts so the surface is just mush on any flat surface.
Myra is still trying to get all of the garden plants started but she is having a time with them. After about two weeks of very good growth they seem to take turns dying off and we can't figure out why.
I walked ( Too Muddy, don't want to rut up the trails) over to Willies place on Saturday to watch a boxing "Pay per View" that he ordered on his satillite TV. I walked into his cabin and this is what I saw. No he is not "wasted" that is just the moment I caught his picture.
The hat he is wearing is his "Boxing Hat" that he wears each time he watches the fights. I guess he got the hat at a fight club in Thiland some years ago and it just gives him good memories.

The 4 wheelers are running well. They both started right up after setting since the end of October.
I built a new trailer frame that has three attachments in the works for it. The first attachment which is done is for picking up the end of logs and making it so that I can pull them around without digging up the yard or hurting the 4 wheeler. I have been using this for collecting my firewood. I had cut down 6 trees last year for this years firewood. It is those trees I am collecting now, getting ready to buck and split them. the other two trailer attachements are a "Barrel Lift" for hauling 20 to 55 gallon barrels and the third attachment will be a large flat bed top for hauling large items that I can not haul in the Skwagon. The Skwagon, by the way, is now a wagon again, for the summer.

We do have a little experiment going. I will get you pictures soon. In mid April I plained all of the boards for building stuff around here. I had created quite a pile of saw dust in the yard. All of the snow is gone around the saw dust now but, there is still 2 feet of snow right under the saw dust pile. We are going to see how long we can "store" snow on the open ground. There is still areas of snow in the woods and on the north sides of hills etc so it is not a true test until All other snow is gone.

Fishing season starts next Sunday. I am excited for that. I have got 9 dates set up so far for Guideing. I will be a professional fisherman for the first time in my life. Wish me luck!
Now I have to get the boat into the water but there is still ice on the lake where we need to launch it and too much mud. I guess I will be bank fishing in the beggining. The Guide dates don't start for a couple of weeks. I should have it ready by then.

That's all for now.
Living the dream!
See Ya,

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