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Thursday, April 14, 2011

100th Post

I had another name for this post in mind but when I started to do this post the computer told me this is number 100 that we have put up. Wow, how time flys when you are having fun. When you think about it, typing 100 short stories about your life seems like a daunting task. We have done that in under 10 months. 10 short stories a month on average, over 2 a week, and I sometimes feel bad because I don't do it often enough, or because so many things have happened that I forget some things or I have to delay writing about them. Anyhow, WhewWho, #100 is on the board and it seams like yesterday that we got here.

Today is our 32nd wedding Anniversary! She did it! She put up with me the WHOLE TIME! April 14th 1979 we were married at ages ( Myra 16) and ( Me 18 ). 32 years, two great children, 6 wonderful Grandchildren and a lifetime filled with adventures and mis-adventures and here we are today. I Thank God every day for this life I have been blessed to experience. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Great! I Love You Myra, Happy Anniversary.

As you may have guessed by know I made it home from Ohio. It was a more stressful snowmachine ride than usual because of conditions on the river. There were many areas of overflow ( where water is on top of the ice making slush out of very deep snow, that you can not ride threw ) that I had to watch for and go around. Overflow is nearly impossible to go threw if it is very wide and going threw the deep snow pulling a heavy freight sled to go around the overflow is no picnic either. Then there were two places where the "Ice Bridge" that was left over open water was very narrow and then I came to one place where the River had opened all the way across the trail. I had called a friend / neighbor who I knew came up the day before and he told me about the narrow Ice Bridges but where the river had opened all the way had happened over night, after I had talked to him. It is a funny, serious, sinking feeling to come up on an area where the trail goes right over an area about 15 feet wide of open water. The snowmachine tracks from the previous day just stop at the waters edge and start on the other side. OK, Now what do I do? I unhooked the freight sled and started looking for alternate ways around. I drove to the right and tried to find a way to cross going up river but ran into a woods that I could not pull the freight sled threw. I went back to the old crossing and started heading left and down river following beside the open water. About 1/3 mile down river the river closed back up so I traveled a ways farther, took a deep breath and hit the throttle and turned to cross and head up river. I crossed a small section of overflow but found I could get back up river to the main trail. I followed my same trail a few times back and forth to pack it down so I could pull the freight sled threw this new area. The only place still in question was the short overflow because you can't pack that, it gets worse every time you go threw it so I have to keep going wider around that spot. With the freight sled that means deep unpacked snow for about 30 yards, on top of overflow. Well, I went back to the main trail, hooked up to the freight sled and headed down my new trail. I got near the spot of overflow, hit the throttle to full speed, picked a new path and said a short prayer. OK, enough drama, I got threw it ok and back to the main trail to finish my trip home. Life is good today.
As you can see, I had a Freight Sled FULL of stuff.
When I got near home, to our trail off of the main trail, I unhooked from the freight sled and went to the cabin. Myra came back out with me and I took the Skwagon out because I had too much weight to pull the freight sled up to the cabin. I hooked the skwagon to the freight sled and pulled everything to the base of our landing where we get off of the river. That is where we did our unloading to haul home.
We used the skwagon to unload several loads off of the freight sled and took them to the cabin so I got light enough to pull the fuel barrels home. We had gotten about 15" to 17" of fresh snow 3 days earlier and no one had packed our trails so I had to be very careful how I pulled things in. I did not want to get stuck with all of this stuff. That freight sled had 75 gallons of fuel(550lbs plus barrel weight 50lbs), 100lbs of dog food, 62lbs of cat supplies, 200lbs of potting soil, and $650 in groceries (about 200lbs) plus 50lb suit case for a total of 1212lbs plus the weight of the sled. You don't just pull that over 15" of fresh unpacked snow for any distance.
This is what it looked like while the snow was still coming down. Myra took these pictures on last week while I was in Ohio.
It seems that each time I leave Myra for any length of time, we get a pretty good dump of snow.
I can't wait to see what happens if I go away for a week in June!

Myra did a Great Job of taking care of everything. The buildings were all cleaned off, the wood pile was accessible and the cabin was in good shape. Thanks Babe'!

Life is good today,
I Thank God for 32 event filled years and a safe journey home.
Thanks for letting us share with you!
Talk to you soon,

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  1. Happy Anniversary & Congratulations to both of you! Myra, you deserve a diamond crown just for the last year much less the 31 years prior to that! Congratulations!

    Note to Roger.....I will think twice now about muttering when I have to carry the groceries up the deck stairs and into the kitchen. You have a way of making me put things into perspective.