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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Woo Whoo Moment

No Pictures this time, just a quick update.

We have been working around the Cabin the last few days. My project has been to install the wiring system. Since we moved in, everything has been ran on extension cords. Once we put in the battery system and the inverter we ran extension cords all over the cabin because it was fast and easy and we were busy outside. Now that it is winter and we are basically caught up from being gone we have time for some Home Improvement.
I got the breaker panel installed, outlets all over and a light in the bathroom. All extension cords are removed. We are going to cover the exposed wires with cut down, peeled and hollowed little tree branches etc. That work is a whole different project.
The Woo Whoo moment came this morning. For the first time since we moved in I turned on a light in the Bathroom. I did not even turn it on to test it yesterday, So, it was a big surprise look for me this morning when I started washing up and remembered the light was there and, I turned it on. Wow, what a change.
The very next thing I did was trim my nose hair. It's amazing what you can see when there is light above the mirror. Oops! I might have to trim my beard and mustache next, we will see. lol
Anyhow, another new little luxary around here, we can plug things in, turn things on and see; all without having to pull an extension cord from there to here.

As a type this Jeff just learned a new trick. Myra is giving the dogs treats and she told Jeff to Wag his Butt and He did it! Just because it is attached to his tail and he wags that any time he gets a treat doesn't mean anything right? It was funny!
Bye for now, Thank You for allowing me to share,

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