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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Weather Channel Lies (Up Dated)

Up Date: Sorry, I have tried to up-load the video for this blog a couple of times and It won't upload. I will try to re-do a new video (shorter) and do it again.

I looked many different times at the average temperatures for where we now live,,, Before we moved. It always showed that the averages here were only ten degrees colder than North West Ohio. They LIED. I am not complaining, I am just saying that it is much colder here than where ever the Weather Channel gets there temperature from. IT WAS -27 DEGREES BELOW ZERO at 11:30 today. The Weather Channel shows the record low for this date to be -21. I guess there thermometer is in Anchorage or something. Anyhow, it has been a lot colder than we anticipated but we have no complaints. It is a Dry Cold, just like Arizona is a Dry Heat. Watch the video and see how Myra is dressed. Granted she was not out for an hour like that but 15 minutes isn't too bad.It did get up to a whooping -20 about 3:30 this afternoon. Be patient waiting for this video, it is 98 megabytes, almost 5 minutes long! Isn't the coffee thing cool! It's kind of like shooting a Grouse with a 44 magnum Bear load, Poof, it's gone! After taking this video I gently started a snowmachine and warmed it up and went visiting. Lief, one of the cabin owners was up for a couple of days so I went to see him then over to Bentalit to visit Tom and Patty for a few hours. The ride was a little brisk since I did not put on anything other than normal snow pants that I wear to work around here and one poly shirt with a flannel jacket. No special clothing at all. It was not too bad other than my forehead got so cold I got an Ice Cream head ache, and it came from the out side and went in. That was a new experience. Once I got home I did some outside chores like haul wood into the back porch, gas up and start the generators and I prepped the snowmachines for a trip tomorrow. I did this stuff dressed the way I described and was outside for about an hour and a half. It is truly amazing that I can do this and to the best of my knowledge the coldest I have ever worked in before was -22 in Ohio. Back then I froze my butt off and was going inside every 15 minutes to get warm. Here I just stayed out and did what needed done. I am even able to work without gloves for several minutes at a time. I have no idea how God engineered us to be so adaptable to so many different conditions but it is truly miraculous. (Big word huh) We are planning on leaving around 9:30 tomorrow morning to head down river. We are going to go watch and maybe participate in removing one of the snowmachines from the water, from when the guys fell through the ice a few weeks ago. Lief, our part time nieghbor is the one going to spearhead the operation to get it out. It is about 45 miles down river but it just sounds like to much of a neat experience to not go do it. It is currently -24 degrees and still dropping again tonight. I am sure it will be plenty chilly when we get on the snowmachines to go in the morning. Can you believe Myra is up for this! The video shows most of what I could blog for today so, See Ya, Thanks for sharing with us, Roger

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